Formula Pro Mini Baby Brezza

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The nomadic automatic bottle-feeder

The first MINI bottle-feeder that you can take everywhere with you!

The Formlua Pro Advanced Mini is the first compact-sized machine to prepare milk automatically and instantly in a hot bottle. At the touch of a button, it prepares bottles for your baby from A to Z: it automatically doses milk powder and water, and dispenses a homogeneous mixture at the right temperature directly into your bottle. It's magic!

  • Space-saving: 30% smaller than Formula Pro Advanced - the perfect milk powder dispenser for small spaces.
  • Dispenses from 60ml to 300ml at body temperature (37°) with perfect consistency.
  • Compatible: Works with virtually all brands of milk powder and all brands/types of feeding bottles. Adjustable: For larger bottles, a holder is sold separately.
  • Hygienic: powder is stored in the hermetically sealed container, which is only opened when empty (no boxes opened several times a day or measuring spoons placed on dirty surfaces). Machine parts are easy to dismantle and wash.

* Some special powders may produce lumps. In this case, you should stir the bottle before serving. Some alternative powders, such as vegetable powder and rice powder, are not all compatible with this product.

Dimensions: L: 28.30 x W: 16.40 x H: 31.50cm
Weight : 2,23kg

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