White Korbell Bin - 26L Korbell

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The practical and economically designed nappy bin. Foot pedal: simply drop the nappy through a lockable flap and the odours are trapped inside.
The large capacity liners are very economical, since you only use what you need by cutting the refill at the right time (the bin can be emptied even if it contains only one nappy if you are going away), simply cut away the portion you've used.
The refills are biodegradable. Very easy to use, there is no need to push or push the nappy into a container, just open the bin with the foot pedal and drop the nappy through the flap. Odours are trapped inside by a double rubber-sealed airlock with pressure spring.
A secure bag cutter is integrated into the bin door. Refills are 100% biodegradable and delicately scented. The bin is made of ABS resin, a non-porous material that does not absorb odours.

- Hands-free system
- Childproof lock button
- Converts to a regular bin once nappy cover is removed - Long lasting economical refills
- Biodegradable refills - Detachable safety cover Size: Plus 26 L
- dimensions: 24 x W 33 x H 54.6 cm
- capacity of the bin: 60 nappies
- refill frequency: 330 nappies

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