Convenient, Safe and Odour-Free.

Korbell, the refillable, economic, and ecological nappy disposal bin.

Korbell nappy disposal bin is very easy to use and convenient. You simply step on the pedal to open the lid and then drop the diaper through the trap door. Your hands never touch the unit ! So, there’s no need to take both hands off of your baby to insert or push a dirty nappy into the pail.

Korbell’s double sealing protection keep odours inside the pail, while the powder-scented refills provide extra odour resistance. The result : your baby’s nursery and your home will always smell clean and fresh.

Korbell’s 100% biodegradable liners are the most environmentally friendly nappy bin liners available ! Biodegradable bag refills are tough and flexible, strong, and tear resistant. Our bag liners will completely biodegrade in both landfill and compost.

Korbell nappy bins are made from heavy-duty ABS plastic which is extremely durable, very easy to clean, and completely resistant to odours from soiled nappies.

Once your baby is finished with nappies, you can use the Korbell nappy bin as a rubbish bin that’s great for any room in the house. Extending its use in this manner makes Korbell ideal for both the environment and your budget.

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